Walkings (unrendered) wrote,

February update

So, um... hello Bruno readers, and readers of general Baldwin stuff.

Once a month I will be blogging here to talk about what projects are being thought about, worked on, or posted, if I have any to post.

I do not yet have an RSS feed for myspace or other blog interfaces. if anyone wants to do that and then post here how others can read it elsewhere, that'd be great. I am so not computer savvy sometimes, it's criminal.

As you know, Bruno will be ending soon. The date is still not set in stone, I've been busy and sick and so have not been able to review the last couple of weeks, though there may be another week or two added on it(though Feb 12th is the tentative date). I will have books for pre-sale before it ends, which means I gotta get my act together on drawing a cover.

As you know, I currently am drawing Little Dee under contract with United Media at comics.com. The goal is syndication, so keep your fingers crossed.

I have several graphic novels in the works, though all still in infant stages. One, PASS (working title), I have roughly scripted, rejected, and am currently reading related-style books and history books to aid me in rewriting it. Two, Only Sleeping which you know I've done several pages for is back to the writing stage. I realized it was good, but not brilliant, and so was not worth a couple years of my life unless it was. A humorous side-note, I lost the pencils while doped up on sleeping pills in some airport between here and Providence, though I thankfully had a backup. And I must say, it was nice to sleep during the red-eye. Three, SAS(working title), is in rough idea form. A romance. I've written down a lot of notes, but haven't begun any writing.

I will also be continuing making short pieces for Water Street (and eventually print a collection of them). I have an 11 page story pencilled, titled Vava, which hopefully I'll have ready for my March 1st post. I also plan to adapt a short story written by Anya Kozorez entitled From My Window. My idea for a story titled Conversation about Clinton may have died a stubborn death after me reading a couple books on the ex-president and feeling less enthusiasm. We'll see.

Anyhow, I'm going to end this month's post with a rejected submission to MAD Magazine. I have a growing stack of them, so I'm happy to share. :)

(to read it, click on the "Read more..." below)

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