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August 1st Update

August 1st Update

Yup. Missed July (sorry, Argadi!). It's been particularly heavy lately in my life, personal stuff as well as comics related, and I apologize. One blog post a month isn't too hard, and generally I make it.

This month's comic is actually a rebirth of my diary comic. I have begun a blog about cooking, with my friends Matt, Dan, and Jessica. It has just begun, and we're still finding our feet. I am learning about food blogging, and thinking a lot about it. I have yet to find my cooking voice there I think, but this is the way to learn.

BUT, what I DO know, and AM confident in, is my cartooning. And so alongside each post of my blog is as well a diary comic of my cooking. So... there they are. Four of them in total so far.

Our blog: Cookrookery.com

Everything else is as per usual. The space comic continues in development. I've written and thumbnailed 40 strips, and have been digging in and editing like crazy. I want this to use my old strengths, but also to stretch my wings to new things. But it is hard to be new, hard to change. Water Street has helped me there, Bad Mile was also a huge help, but still it is very challenging.

Anyhow. I think next month I'll actually have a new standalone experimental comic, but I promise nothing. My plate is full to overloading, and I still want this comic making to be enjoyable.


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