Walkings (unrendered) wrote,

April 1st Update

Above is a wash drawing I drew in Wenatchee, WA. A quick sketch, but I like it.

This month wasn't great in the experimental comic world of me. I tried drawing a script I wrote in the autumn, but I abandoned it after pencilling it. but I'll share the pencils as they are interesting I guess in showing the process.

I was playing with trying to write a palindrome script. The words are not a palindrome, but the panels (at least the text) are. With more work, the drawings could have been too.

I was planning on shading it. It would be night, so the first half as they approached the house they would have been lit in the front and the background would be black. The second half, the house would light up the background and they would be shadowed on their fronts.

The title panel is a nod to the TMBG's song "I Palindrome I" where they sing "And I am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side."

Anyhow. I'm not adding it to the actual Water Street archive. But, you can read it here.

It's been a fine month. A little travel. Read some good books. hope all is well with you all.

p.s. - I'm having a sale on Little Dee original strips this week. Buy one and I'll refund you $5. You know you wanna.

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