Walkings (unrendered) wrote,

March 1st Update

February is gone already. Damn. That was quick. Although it was a busy month. I've been ill twice, lasting about two weeks total. I took a small trip to the islands just outside of Seattle. I had a birthday (36th). Along with all the normal work I have to keep up with, it's no wonder it's all a fair blur.

Before this month's comic, a few pics behind the cut

Me on Orcas Island.

Misha, of who you may remember my comic Misha and Marx:

And this, because it's an awesome lovely, wonderful pic of my friends' daughter, "Bean."

Okay, on to comics. So, this month I wrote and drew a humble little ditty. Just some thoughts and emotions rattling in my head. The drawing style is expressive, and perhaps a little crude. Some by choice, some because I drew it while distracted: being feverish and unable to keep anything in my stomach (did I mention being ill twice?).

Anyhow. It's a cute little piece, and I hope you enjoy.

Let It Be Dreams is the title, and aside from that direct link, you will find it archived on my baldwinpage site on the Water Street page.

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