Walkings (unrendered) wrote,

February 1st Update

Ah pies. I've been making an awful lot of them the last couple years. And mostly inspired by my loving community down in Olympia, ringlead by the lovely Keylee and Nick.

Well, this summer, while traveling, i started contributing (drawings of) pies to potluck from the road, and have continued to send them one during every potluck I missed. Here are the first 16. When I have 16 more (who knows when), I'll post a second installment, etc. (this all is archived of course at Water Street).

Anyhow, life's been pretty great. Some concerns with future freelance, as MAD Magazine is going down to quarterly rather than monthly, and I believe I will be effectively lost in this transition.

But overall, all is well. I have tons of travel plans, which simply keep popping up out of thin air. And life where I'm living is pretty damn happy right now.

Anyhow. Enjoy the pies!

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