Walkings (unrendered) wrote,

December 1st Update

Another month has somehow passed. I made and ate lots of pie (if you missed them, I blogged about them at littledee.net). Overall, a quiet month for me. Things HAD been quite busy, overwhelmingly so. And so, very tired and full of anxiety, this month I just holed up at home, trying to relax and let it pass.

I read. I wrote a letter. I worked on my short novel. I drew. I puttered.

I don't have anything BIG to show you, i'm afraid. But two very nice LITTLE pieces. The first one is the monthly Water Street addition, a one page comic which I wrote as in ode to a dear friend's lovely dog, Misha. It is titled Misha and Marx, and as usual, is linked to from the Water Street page.

The second piece is a diary strip, a commission a woman had me draw of her and her husband's day. Read it here.

Hope you enjoy. Love!
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