Walkings (unrendered) wrote,

September 1st Update

Well, First off, Happy Halloween. I had a lovely night out with friends to see Halloqueen a Queen cover band, with my housemate Sean as the lead singer. It was pretty amazing.

And then it was home, a couple more hours of work left on the comic, but I didn't want to miss another update.

It's been a strange month, including being swept away (helped by the generosity of others) to a tropical location (my word, where the current takes me these days). During which, my friends were bantering both about the godly sexiness of tanned surfer boys, but as well about the zen of the act of surfing. it was pretty funny. And inspired this comic.

It's getting more and more difficult to find new ways of drawing which intrigue me. And so I played around with using screened-over high-contrast photos I found of the Wall Street pit for the backgrounds; and also a quick loose paintbrush cartooning for the characters.

Anyhow, before I continue to blather on too much. Enjoy this month's experimental comic...

A Friendly Conversation in the Stock Market Pit

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