cheers to that

dreaming, walking, drawing....

Huge stints of drawing are always exhausting and yet feel good at the same time.

I am going away for a week and a half, and so I've been drawing from the moment I get up until the moment I go to bed for the last two weeks. My back is sore, my hands are sore, my fingertips from holding a brush/pen/stylus are sore. Days passed with things like a morning self-reminder "don't forget to call so-and-so today" and then suddenly it was midnight. Dreamy days, filled with ink and audiobooks.

I'm essentially working two full-time jobs right now to start with, both Little Dee and my new comic (which you should check out if you haven't) Spacetrawler, not to mention babysitting 3 times a week, PLUS trying to more-than-just-maintain my relationship with Beth.

So, I had to get a week-and-a-half ahead, on top of all that. And I did. And it'll be worth it. A short trip this weekend with Beth, walking in the drizzle and finger food and nuzzling. And then down south for a week visiting a dear old friend from high school (and his wife!), who I haven't seen since their wedding. The company, adventure, and sun will do me a world of good. I've missed it.

And dear god, don't take this complaining the wrong way, I wouldn't give this work up for anything. I work ridiculous hours for almost no pay. But I love creating. Ever since elementary school, I've felt that. Love it. Roll around in it like a dog in poo.

Good poo.

October 1st Update

No new experimental comic. I guess that I have to admit that they are pretty officially on hiatus, simply because I don't see my work load lightening until at least 2010. Perhaps once the development of Spacetrawler is done, I might have time again. But I'll still try to post monthly here about my goings on regardless.

I do have something to show, though. This: is now live. Although it will likely be worked over a lot before the comics starts, and the comic itself won't start 'til probably the first week of January.

Hope all is well with the lot of you.



September 1st update

Again, nothing to report. I know, I haven't really done an experimental comic since March. But that is how it's been with developing a new comic strip. I have clocked about a zillion hours so far into the space comic, have about a half year of strips written, edited, and thumbnailed (and are now being reviewed). I've also put in way too many hours on Sketchup, and am still too clumsy and useless at it. Sigh.

I still like the experimental comic script I wrote, and wish to draw it. I've just not come across the references I want.

Anyhow. hi. Wanted to update y'all. :)

August 1st Update

August 1st Update

Yup. Missed July (sorry, Argadi!). It's been particularly heavy lately in my life, personal stuff as well as comics related, and I apologize. One blog post a month isn't too hard, and generally I make it.

This month's comic is actually a rebirth of my diary comic. I have begun a blog about cooking, with my friends Matt, Dan, and Jessica. It has just begun, and we're still finding our feet. I am learning about food blogging, and thinking a lot about it. I have yet to find my cooking voice there I think, but this is the way to learn.

BUT, what I DO know, and AM confident in, is my cartooning. And so alongside each post of my blog is as well a diary comic of my cooking. So... there they are. Four of them in total so far.

Our blog:

Everything else is as per usual. The space comic continues in development. I've written and thumbnailed 40 strips, and have been digging in and editing like crazy. I want this to use my old strengths, but also to stretch my wings to new things. But it is hard to be new, hard to change. Water Street has helped me there, Bad Mile was also a huge help, but still it is very challenging.

Anyhow. I think next month I'll actually have a new standalone experimental comic, but I promise nothing. My plate is full to overloading, and I still want this comic making to be enjoyable.


June 1st Update

Oops. June's here already.

Well, I've been crazy busy this month. Finished a few freelance jobs, prepped nine "Little Dee" posters for printing (should be up in a week or two), am working on Little Dee book #3, and spending too much distracted time on my new comic (but which I keep making serious headway on).

The above spaceship image (one of five) was built as a 3-D model for me by commission by the amazing Matt Nolan. I had him build it very simply because these 3-D models won't actually appear in the strip as you see it here, but I will be using them as drawing reference, for consistency and to easily rotate them at need for different angles.

Sadly, that is all I have to show you this month. I am putting my spare time into writing and creating this new comic, and I think it's going to be worth it in the end. Trust me. :)
cheers to that

May 1st update

No experimental comic this month. I've been working on a bunch of stuff. Little Dee book #3. Babysitting in San Diego. Freelance. And a lot of time into a sci-fi project I'm working on (the mess of papers shown below), which I'm mentioning as a tease. Hopefully I'll have more to tell in the next couple months.

but there is more pretty art behind the cut.

Collapse )

April 1st Update

Above is a wash drawing I drew in Wenatchee, WA. A quick sketch, but I like it.

This month wasn't great in the experimental comic world of me. I tried drawing a script I wrote in the autumn, but I abandoned it after pencilling it. but I'll share the pencils as they are interesting I guess in showing the process.

I was playing with trying to write a palindrome script. The words are not a palindrome, but the panels (at least the text) are. With more work, the drawings could have been too.

I was planning on shading it. It would be night, so the first half as they approached the house they would have been lit in the front and the background would be black. The second half, the house would light up the background and they would be shadowed on their fronts.

The title panel is a nod to the TMBG's song "I Palindrome I" where they sing "And I am a snake head eating the head on the opposite side."

Anyhow. I'm not adding it to the actual Water Street archive. But, you can read it here.

It's been a fine month. A little travel. Read some good books. hope all is well with you all.

p.s. - I'm having a sale on Little Dee original strips this week. Buy one and I'll refund you $5. You know you wanna.

March 1st Update

February is gone already. Damn. That was quick. Although it was a busy month. I've been ill twice, lasting about two weeks total. I took a small trip to the islands just outside of Seattle. I had a birthday (36th). Along with all the normal work I have to keep up with, it's no wonder it's all a fair blur.

Before this month's comic, a few pics behind the cut Collapse )