Walkings (unrendered) wrote,

January 1st Update

Well, this month's comic is actually a comic I drew from early April 'til late June of 2008. But I did it under a pseudonym, so only one or two of you have probably even ever heard of it.

I wasn't sure it's future, and so I held off until i sure it was a dead project before posting it here.

It's an exploration of shock-humor a bit, and playing with writing characters I fine to be both fun and unredeemable. two things I don't do much of. But it was fun. And then i got a wee bit bored.

I really need to love my characters. I need to care about them, at least some of them, or else I don't care about them, and lose interest.

Anyhow, read it here, as always, linked from waterstreet.

December was a month and then some. Traveling, questioning, writing. Working on new comics, working on a novel. Reading tons.

But I'm tired right now. Time to move on to 2009 and let it pass.

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