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Another pie. Although I seem to only remember to take a picture of them every other week.

On November 2nd I made a pie (pictured below) which was a brownie mix on the bottom (from a box, due to laziness) with a raspberry pie layer on top. The juice from the berries unfortunately mixed with the batter, and so the brownie part never quite cooked in the middle. In fact, I cooked it extra long, which made the crust tough but still did not help the brownie part. It tasted fine (who doesn't like brownie batter), and I received many compliments including in the from of a broken plate from children fighting for possession, but I wished to improve on it.

This week, the 9th, I made a pie with a thin cherry pie layer below, a crust on top of that, and then baked it slightly to let the crust begin to cook. Put a homemade brownie mix on top (altered to be super-gooey). It also was very well-liked, especially the brownie mixture, but the middle layer of crust did not cook. Nick suggested I broil it next time before adding the brownie mixture on top, and I think he may be on to something, he is very clever, and an amazing cook.

Cut for past pies you may have missed....

October 19: A pie I made as usual at Sunday potluck (although I forgot to photo the apple pie I made on Thursday the 16th). I used Nick's grandmother's "Cottage Cheese Apple Pie" recipe. It was yummy, but didn't hold together (my bad).

October 12: A pie I made again for Sunday potluck. I actually found some Macintosh apples out here on the west coast, which always make for a lovely pie. (I also, for the dinner part of the meal, made some stellar peanut sauce which I'm still really thrilled about).

September 21: a pie. My first one back at potluck in WA. Apple.

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